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As of right now, in Wylie ISD, SMARTgirl is changing a bit.  Both our founder and director have moved on from the district, so we are transitioning the camps to different departments in the district so that hopefully all of our summer camps/clubs will continue. 


Right now, the following teachers have taken over these programs.

Robotics: Rosa Herrera, Burnett JH ~ Biology: Anna Iley, Wylie High ~ STEM Xtreme: Wylie High CTE ~ TechTitans STEM: TBD ~ SMARTkids: On Hold

  • Intermediate clubs: at the discretion of each Intermediate School.


We thank you so much for your support of SMARTgirls since we started in 2014 and we hope as each of these camps/clubs transition that you will continue to support.  Any questions? Feel free to email us and we’ll get back to you.



SMARTWylie stands for Science, Math, Aerospace, Robotics and Technology.  So in other words:  STEM!  We are part of the Wylie Independent School District.


Our goal is to get kids in interested in taking advanced math and science in high school and in choosing STEM careers.  Our primary focus right now is girls, but we offer many opportunities

for boys as well!


SMARTgirls Clubs are based in Wylie Independent School District and focus on getting girls 5th-8th interested and staying interested in Science and Math.  Our clubs are offered during the year at all intermediate and junior high schools in the district...


SMARTkids is designed to introduce our elementary kids to both STEM topics and careers.  SMARTkids is open to all Wylie ISD 3rd and 4th grade girls AND boys...

What they say about us...




GEARSforGUYS was introduced to engage boys 5th-8th grade in science and STEM as well.  We are pleased to offer summer camps for middle grade boys...



Our SMARTleaders are girls (and guys!) who have been through our programs before and want to lead and teach others.  Is your SMARTgirl or GUY interested in being on the team?

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