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Everything you Need... to start your own

After-School Program

Wanted to start your own after-school or Saturday program?  Can't figure out where to start? We're here to help! SMARTgirls has implemented after-school and Saturday programs at 6 schools in our district. While each has its own identity and culture - they all are created on the same foundation. 


Our foundation for all of our lessons is "Get them Interested!".  This isn't school - this is a supplement to what we learn in school with the main goal to get these kids interested in STEM and better yet, KEEP them interested.  This is about having fun (and if they learn some vocab or principles along the way?  Awesome.)


In our After-School Pack #1 you will find all of the instructions, supply lists, and lessons to start an after-school program on a very limited budget.  Additionally, there are two alternate lessons supplied for those schools that might have more supply budget or for grant monies.


All of these lessons have been tried, tested and delivered more than once and our students and teachers love them!




Click here to purchase:  Middle School After-School Curriculum Pack #1




We hope to have some more packs available soon - including our extremely popular - Summer STEM Camp!

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