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2018-2019 Schedule


Attention G.W. BUSH ELEMENTARY parents:  Your students are welcome to participate in the evening SMARTkids; however, Bush is also working as our pilot school for running SMARTkids after school.  Click HERE for more info.

SMARTkids is focused on getting elementary students (both boys and girls!) in 3rd and 4th grade interested and staying interested in Science and Math.  We use hands-on STEM activities and try to introduce the students to problem solving and design skills.


Our clubs are led by junior high and high school students who have either been through the SMARTgirls/GEARSforGUYS programs are are academically interested in STEM. We have the SMARTkids do as much of their work on their own or as a team, but do have the leader students there to engage and help when needed.  Our hope is that they will get engaged and gain confidence to take the higher maths and sciences in high school and college.


SMARTkids offers evening activities 6 times a year at each of our Wylie ISD Intermediate schools.  This also allows our students to get to know the campuses they will attend in 5th grade.

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