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Due to the current pandemic situation, we have decided to cancel club meetings for March and April.  When we return to school we may not have time to gather necessary materials, therefore we are canceling all club meetings for this school year.  All camp registrations are postponed at this time. Please check our website or Facebook for more information. or

Thank you for your patience as we work through this process.

Intermediate After School Clubs

Our intermediate clubs were our original addition to our summer camps.  Our summer camp attendees really wanted something during the school year to keep them interested (and so did their parents!).  


SMARTgirls after school clubs piloted at one intermediate school (5th/6th grade) eventually added to the other two. Each club is run independently through their school with their own sponsors.  SMART provides the curriculum and assists with registration and communication, but the rest is under the direction of school sponsors. We are fortunate to have some awesome teachers who sponsor SMARTgirls and are passionate about engaging girls in STEM!

Intermediate After School programs for girls (pick a school for more info):

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